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In order to stand out from general dating sites, with their many false advertisements, attempted scams, and unserious or fake profiles, reminds once only all its members to ensure the validity of their advertisement.

Under no circumstances does publish, distribute, or sell your personal information.

Even if your profile is complete or incomplete or with or without photo(s), as long as it remains valid with your real name and phone number, will validate your profile following this phone call.

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General Conditions of Use

I - Service Overview is an ecommerce site specializing in the virtual dating of solo parents (with children).
By joining, you can make contact with other members after choosing from our different subscription packages. service is accessible all year round, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week unless interrupted by force majeure.

II - Obligations of provides a virtual dating service on the Internet where member photos and advertisements are checked before publication on the site. A control of user names is also provided by the moderators. However, the parties agree that any errors or omissions can not be totally excluded in the services sector and that can not be held liable for these. is unable to control the accuracy of the information provided by the member as it is only a declaratory act. Consequently, can not be held liable. agrees to permanently suspend any account that bears an improper user name. reserves the right to remove any improper advertisement or photo without priorly notifying the user. only has only one obligation of means and it cannot be held liable in the following cases:
  • Operational difficulties or temporary interruption of the service beyond its control such as the interruption of computer, electricity, or telecommunications services,
  • Temporary closure of the site or closure of one or more of its services to perform an upgrade or modifications (not exhaustive). will seek to suspend access during periods of low frequentation.
  • Misconfiguration of the member's PC leading to malfunctions during usage of the site.

III - Obligations of the member

The registration on implies total acceptance of these General Conditions of Use.
A registration must concern one and only one user. Registration is free; this same includes the submission of your advertisement, the addition of a photo, and information on your profile.
To access all of our services you must choose one of our subscription packages.
The member agrees to:
  • be aged 18 years minimum
  • not to use offensive, obscene, discriminatory, violent, or racist language
  • not to use our website to send solicitations of a professional or commercial nature, nor to propose dates of a venal nature
  • not to collect, store and/or disseminate personal data from other users
  • provide true data on registration
  • not to disclose their last name, postal or email address, phone number or any other information that allows other members to identify them
  • remain correct and courteous to other members
  • not to ask for money in return for any service whatsoever
  • not to promote a website or any service whatsoever
  • not to distract the other members of the site towards other sites or competing services
  • not to post, indicate, or disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content whose effect is to alter the performance of the services
  • not to disseminate information on third party websites that have an illegal nature, contrary to good morals
  • keep their login ID safe and not to disclose it to third parties
  • upload photos on-line that represent them
In case of non compliance with these obligations, your profile is liable to be deleted without notice or refund.
If you are in contact with a member who fails to comply with any of these obligations, please kindly let us know by reporting the profile of this same.

IV - Registration and usage of the site

These Terms of Use are effective upon your registration on the site.

The website features is subject to subscription or option package buying by the member like it is describe on Pricing, Subscription or Shop pages. The features available for member depend to his level of the subscription he had chosen and the summary of subscription features listed on the same pages. Some features are also available in option for some subscription level selling in package.

Subscription or option pricing are defined on Pricing, Subscription or Shop website pages. Prices are given by level and duration from subscription or in package from options. All prices are quoted in Swiss Francs (CHF). Prices may be changed at any time by according to this terms. Those changes do not require any specific communication at members excepted their publishing on Pricing, Subscription or Shop website pages.

V - Functioning of the site

For the site to function correctly you must:
  • accept the pop-ups
  • authorize the execution of javascript
  • accept cookies
  • install the Flash plug-in version 8 minimum
  • preferably use a PC
  • use Internet Explorer 9 (and higher) or Firefox 1.5 (and higher)

VI - Managing your account

Advertisement, photos and username
Your advertisement, photos and nick-name are subject to review by our moderators, as soon as possible from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 18.00, before validation. Your profile and photos will be published on the site if they comply with these General Conditions of Use. Otherwise, we reserve the right to reject and delete them without notice and without the possibility of requesting any refund. The following are denied:
  • photos that clearly do not represent you (photos of animals, landscapes, public figures)
  • photos of a pornographic or sexy nature
  • poor quality photos (too blurry, too dark, etc...)
  • drawings and illustrations
  • advertisements that are saucy, sexy, of a sexual nature, without future, unserious
  • advertisements that criticise our service, or damage its image and its reputation
  • profiles of a commercial nature
For reasons of security and identification, your user name can be changed at your request once and only once. To do this you must go through the contact form.
Personal details
When you register, your name, full address, and telephone number will be requested by us. By communicating that to us you agree that the moderators contact you so they can perform the usual checks on your profile and this without notification. guarantees that these details remain strictly confidential and undertakes not to use them for commercial ends.
Account reserves the right to alter and/or delete your account without notice and no refund can be requested.

Duration of your registration: Your registration is effective, after validation, as long as you do not delete your account.

Deactivation: You can at any time deactivate your account by using the contact form. This action will deactivate your account, i.e. other users can no longer see your profile. However, you can ask our moderators to reactivate your account if you wish to return to the site.

Termination: You can at any time delete your account by using the contact form. This action will delete all your data in our possession, except in cases of abuse.

Suspension: The suspension of your profile means you will be permanently unable to connect to the site. This action on our part can be carried out at any time if we find a breach of these General Conditions of Use.

The suspension, removal, or deactivation of your profile or even the termination of your subscription does not entitle you to any refund.

VII - Protection of minors

Attainment of authorisation is the rule. In its absence, the person who reproduces and distributes the image without authorisation is liable. So those who reproduce the image of a child without having first obtained parental consent are in breach.
You are fully liable as soon as the "read and approved" box is checked when uploading photos of your children. In case of violation of this clause, the person may be prosecuted before the competent courts of Geneva.
In case of doubt on the validity of the user's profile, can also immediately notify the Geneva authorities if it was determined that the images were ambiguous, or if the information was false or counterfeited, concerning the whole of the "child" section of the site.

VIII - Deactivation or Termination

1. Deactivation and termination of the Parentsolo's account

The Member has the option to terminate its subscription to the site after the end of the paid subscription period. In this case, the contents published by the said Member will be deactivated or removed.
In the case of deactivation, your account can no longer be viewed by any user, but it will not be deleted. We keep your profile information in case you later decide to reactivate your account.
In the event of termination by, the content posted by such Member will be removed. assumes no liability to Members or third parties for information and content that would be deleted as a result. It is up to the member, at their own risk, and on a medium of their choice belonging to them, to save, where appropriate, their information and content. reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Member's subscription for non-observance of these General Conditions of Use or for breach of morality or of current Swiss law.
No refund or compensation is possible in the event of deactivation, deletion, or suspension of membership during the paid period.
2. Termination of the subscription

For technical reasons, the cancellation of the subscription can not be made during the 24 hours after the purchase of the subscription and the 48 hours before the due date of the current subscription, unless you benefit from an offer test.

At any time, the member can notify to to terminate his subscription. The termination will be effective at the end of the current subscription.< At the expiration of the subscription, this will be automatically renewed for the duration of the initial subscription, except if the termination is notified to before the end of the current subscription in accordance with the specified conditions. The extended subscription will be charged to the member on the pricing basis of the subscription initially chosen by the member. At any time, the member will be able to terminate the extended subscription, this will be effective after the end of the period covered by the last invoicing, only if the notification is done at the email address at the latest 7 working days before the end to the current subscription.

IX - Tips for actual dating

Prefer a crowded public place for your first meeting: cafe, bar, etc…
Despite all the security checks, can not be held liable for malicious individuals. This is the reason why we ask you to inform someone close to you of the place and time of your date and, if need be, get someone to accompany you.
Do not give your personal contact details to a person with whom you have contact through our site before getting to know them well. In case of dispute our liability cannot be incurred. You can always inform us through the link in the profile description of a member's dishonesty. If your request seems justified, we will consider removing the profile in question.

X - Advertising reserves the right to distribute advertising content on its website.

XI - Intellectual Property

The texts, photos, logos, trademarks and other items displayed on the site are reserved and protected by intellectual property law. The user may not modify, reproduce, distribute, download, transmit, copy, sell any part whatsoever of the site. Any unlawful use of all or part of the site will result in legal action. By registering on the site, the member grants a license to use the intellectual property rights for the information and contents of the member disseminated on the Website. The Member expressly authorizes to reproduce, modify, use for publicity purposes, commercial or not, its information and contents in any medium of communication. reserves the right to use and publish the stories of its members and their photos on the site as part of the activity thereof.

XII - Publisher of the site

c/o GVA conseils SA
Route des Jeunes 49
1227 Carouge (GE)
Registre du Commenrce : CH660.3.280.013-1
Tel : 078 695 82 83

XIII - Changes to the General Conditions of Use reserves the right to change without notice and at any time these General Conditions of Use. These changes will not affect current contracts.

XIV - Dispute Resolution

Any dispute relating to these General Conditions of Use, even in the event of warranty claims from multiple defendants, would be in default of amicable agreement within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

XV - Email policy

Your e-mail addresses are stored in our database and not published on the site.
A subscribed member will receive a registration confirmation email in which they must click to confirm their registration.
This email also contains a reminder of their login credentials.
A member may receive or not receive email alerts whenever another member sends a message or visits their profile.
A member may at any time stop receiving these e-mail alerts by visiting the "My Account" and un-checking the appropriate box.
Members must provide a valid e-mail address to access

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By clicking "I Accept", I certify that I am an adult and have read and accepted the General Conditions of Use of the service set out above.
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